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At Ubican Global, we aim to provide the most innovative, game-changing & emerging brands and products to disrupt the natural health and wellness movement. You can find our products at Dillard’s, TJ Maxx and at over 5,000 independent retailers across the U.S. and U.K.

Each of Ubican Global’s brands are consumer-focused and designed to have positive impacts on people’s lives. Leveraging passionate brand experts and entrepreneurs with big ideas, Ubican Global aims to change the way consumers consume hemp-derived products in their daily lives through functional foods & products.

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At Ubican Global, we enjoy making cutting-edge products that are good for people, too! We love to find emerging technologies and opportunities and integrate our investments in patented and proprietary research to take our brands to the next level.

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Our commitment to you: Provide the best all-natural, hemp-derived products combined with our philosophy of innovation and passion for health and  the United States and Europe.

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(Re)nano uses patent-pending technology and proprietary formulation to develop innovative beverage products for hydration and recovery. We formulate our drinks with all-natural ingredients to promote health, wellness and vitality. how important water is to human health and wellness, we decided to supercharge it. Utilizing the highest standards of water purification and a patent-pending process to allow increased absorption and amplified effect. It is our mission to push the limits in hydration and functional beverage technology.


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Ubican’s primary focus is the research and development of products
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