Simply put, we produce the highest-quality, custom-formulated hemp products on the market. Our commitment to providing the best all-natural consumer products, mixed with our philosophy of innovation and passion for health and wellness, is how we create products seen across the US and Europe. 

Ubican Global prides itself on being an industry leader by offering the right products, for the right moment made the right way. That means creating a broader range of functional health and wellness products that nourish life’s moments and create value in people’s lives. 

Ubican Global is more than just a company, it’s a growing family of entrepreneurs and professionals driven to make a happier, healthier world. 

executive team

Bryce Davis


Bryce is a serial entrepreneur. He started and successfully built four companies in the financial services space before becoming involved with CBD. His background in payment processing and lending led him into the cannabis vertical almost a decade ago. While identifying new and creative] ways to help dispensaries move money, he fell in love with the space. He was an early investor and continues to be involved in a large multinational cannabis corporation. Bryce co-founded Ubican Global and many of the individual brands owned by Ubican Global

Chris Herk

Executive Vice-President

Chris has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur in various industries. Not only a successful cannabis and hemp investor and entrepreneur, Chris is a co founder of A.T.A.C.H., the American trade association for cannabis and hemp. Chris founded MMJPAY, a financial services firm for the cannabis industry. In addition, Chris has been featured as a shark on The Marijuana Show, where he critiqued and invested in early stage companies and has held C-level executive roles in many companies, including American Patriot Brands and KEEFCOLA, the first cannabis-infused beverage in the market. Prior to investing in the cannabis industry, Chris launched many other successful endeavors including the Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation, where he originated over $3 billion in mortgage originations over the last decade. 

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