Our business
model for
social responsibility

Ubican Global’s business model revolves around social and environmental impacts our products bring. We firmly believe companies of enterprise simply do not exist just to profit. From local sustainable growth sources and harvesting technologies to environmentally-friendly ingredients and products, we believe this is the future of consumption.

Ubican Global doesn’t just make cutting-edge products that are good for people, we strive to create emerging technologies and opportunities, investing in patented and proprietary research. These products have the ability to create positive impact and change in communities around the world.

We believe history is being made all over again. The reincorporation of cannabinoids into diets of millions are systematically improving lives and helping people become healthier. We are still learning all the many wondrous effects various cannabinoids can have on health, wellness, beauty and maintaining balance, but there has already been significant progress both legislation and regulation of these ingredients, as well as the evolution of consumer products leveraging cannabinoid ingredients. 

Cannabinoids, An Innovative Ingredient

Ubican Global aims to lead the way in the hemp industry by making a commitment to taking all possible steps from ensuring compliant packaging and labeling, by providing quality-assurance, verifiable third-party lab testing on every batch, creating great products and packaging consumers can feel confident about purchasing and using in their everyday lives.

A Commitment
to Quality &

We are at a breaking point. People all over the world are becoming more and more fed up with the status quo. Foods aren’t nourishing us as they once did. Products that are supposed to heal us do more damage than good. Consumers are actively seeking alternative solutions to maintaining balance in their lives.

Ubican’s primary focus is in the research and development of products that incorporate ingredients harvested from the earth that not only nourish the body but also give it what it needs to fight against imbalance and heal itself naturally.

Our Philosophy
for Functional