Ubican Is Paving The Way For A Global CBD Market

Most of the country’s eyes have been on the progression of legal cannabis. But, the bigger moves are being made in the world of CBD. Cannabis is still only recreationally legal state-to-state in the U.S. However, hemp and CBD have been given a lot more room to roam. Companies large and small are rising up to be the sole providers of hemp and CBD-infused wellness products. I had the opportunity to speak with Matt Mudano, COO of Ubican. A company that is arguably at the forefront of this burgeoning industry in Europe.

Matt told me a story about getting a biochemistry degree at Florida State University. Yet, he was still unable to deny an innate entrepreneurial itch. After founding Green Roads, his friend was making a tremendous amount of success. Matt knew the CBD industry was calling his name, after seeing the impact on the lives that his friend’s company had touched.