Maxton Health (MH) and Phlocard Joint Venture

It’s official!!  After much negotiating with both companies, we have a Joint Venture agreement between Maxton Health (CBD company) and Ph-lo-card (Pharmacy-Loyalty-Card).  This may be a perfect time to look into this situation.  Here is a way to be selling CBD products and incorporate a customer reward/loyalty system for basically FREE if you meet the MH requirements.  With these uncertain times that we are now in, your customers need and want bargains, coupons, and rewards based on their purchases.  So here is the deal:

It’s 2 fold…

You first need to receive the Phlocard system with a one-time purchase of their hardware of $250.  You will then receive free 250 loyalty cards with your store info and any other type of advertising to hand out to your customers.  Everytime your customer comes in have your register tech ask for the card so that the customer gets credit for points and gets a chance to receive coupons.


  • A customer spends $60 they get 60 points towards their rewards.  100 points and the customer gets a $5 coupon.
  • You set up the parameters.  The receipt is then handed directly to the customer showing where they stand toward their reward and any promotion you wish to add to the receipt.
  • Many of our members use the rewards program for monthly raffles and give aways.  It’s direct from store to customer advertising.  Believe me, the customers love this.  The system fee is $40 per month.


When you buy CBD products from MH…they will defray the monthly charge for the Phlocard rewards system based on the average monthly purchases over a 3 month period. If your average purchases over 3 months are:

  • $200 to $299/ month of MH products they will pay $20 of the $40 Phlocard fee
  • $300 to $399/ month of MH products they will pay $30 of the $40 Phlocard fee
  • $400 and over/month of MH products they will pay $40 of the $40 fee….therefore the Phlocard system is free to you.

I can’t imagine anyone not selling $400 per month of CBD…that should be a no brainer. So, if you are selling another companies brand and would like to receive an accessory company to help give your customers discounts, something they are looking for…well this is it and switch to the Maxton Health brand. We already have a number of IPBG members using both of these companies individually but now with this new joint venture, they will have the opportunity to get the Phlocard free.