Ubican announces partnership with CBD Smart Vending Concept Wemp

The CBD industry is booming with new and innovative products and companies fueling the global hemp and cannabis revolution. Problems placating the industry are quickly being solved by cannabis and health entrepreneurs alike, paving the way for new opportunities and therefore new companies to take form. One of those seemingly new opportunities is in the on-demand retail and vending space where it only seems like a natural next step for cannabis and CBD consumers to have the ability to purchase their favorite products 24/7 , and receive them instantly and conveniently. However with cannabis and CBD being not only an age-restricted product, but also identity-specific in states where you need a medical card to purchase, vendors are scrambling to find ways to verify age and identity at the point of sale so they can satisfy the basic requirement of being able to sell these types of products. 

In comes Wemp. A smart, intelligent cloud-based vending kiosk concept that not only provides age and identity verification capabilities, but also unlimited possibilities such as cameras on the machine to track customer demographics and interactions, and video animations and tutorials for more information. Customers can navigate the ginormous interactive touch screen display to get more vital information about the products as well. And that’s just the start, the Wemp kiosk has a variety of features that makes it not only an awesome buying experience, but a seamless business-in-a-box (literally…) The Wemp business management portal allows Franchisee-operators to monitor the inventory levels of their machines in real time, track the best selling items, and consumer data as well as easily order more products when it is time to re-stock.