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Simply put, we produce the highest quality, custom formulated functional CBD products on the market. Our commitment to providing the best all natural CBD consumer products mixed with our philosophy of innovation and passion for health and wellness is how we create products seen across the US, and Europe. 

Ubican’s purpose is to empower people to live healthy happy lives by providing the highest quality CBD products in the world. Ubican prides itself on being an industry leader by offering the right products, for the right moment made the right way. That means creating a broader range of functional foods and health products that can nourish life’s moments and create value in people’s lives. 

Ubican is more than just a company, it’s a growing family of entrepreneurs and professionals who diversely talented but all driven to make a happier healthier world. To effectively reach all customers and markets, Ubican has offices in both the United States and Europe. Ubican has manufacturing and fulfillment facilities in Switzerland and spread regionally throughout the US. 

executive team

Bryce Davis


Bryce is a serial entrepreneur. He started and successfully built four companies in the financial services space before becoming involved with CBD. His background in payment processing and lending led him into the cannabis vertical almost a decade ago. While identifying new and creative] ways to help dispensaries move money, he fell in love with the space. He was an early investor and continues to be involved in a large multinational cannabis corporation. Bryce co-founded Ubican Global and many of the individual brands owned by Ubican Global

Chris Herk

Executive Vice-President

Chris has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur in various industries. Not only a successful cannabis and hemp investor and entrepreneur, Chris is a co founder of A.T.A.C.H., the American trade association for cannabis and hemp. Chris founded MMJPAY, a financial services firm for the cannabis industry. In addition, Chris has been featured as a shark on The Marijuana Show, where he critiqued and invested in early stage companies and has held C-level executive roles in many companies, including American Patriot Brands and KEEFCOLA, the first cannabis-infused beverage in the market. Prior to investing in the cannabis industry, Chris launched many other successful endeavors including the Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation, where he originated over $3 billion in mortgage originations over the last decade. 

Fabio Pagani

Chief Operating Officer

Fabio has a degree in Business Management from the prestigious Vatel University in Switzerland. After formative stints in the restaurant business, Fabio embarked on his own restaurant journey founding The Rolling Chefs, located primarily in the western part of Switzerland. As founder and CEO, Fabio expanded to multiple locations, followed by a successful exit in 2017. Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Ubican Switzerland, and the COO of Ubican Global, CFO and co-founder of Swiss Harvest, a CBD Grower, and the co-founder of Nobel Harvest, a THC company based in Portugal.

Fabio has extensive networks in the European cannabis world and has industry knowledge, experience and meaningful strategic partnerships. Additionally, Fabio is a foremost expert in all aspects of the cannabis world including research, medical applications and Blue Ocean applications within the industry.

Matt Mudano

Chief Visionary Officer

Matt is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of start up companies in marketing, app development, real estate investing and most recently, Hemp & Cannabis. With a B.S. degree in Human Physiology and M.S. in Biochemistry from Florida State University, Matt has leveraged his unique science schooling and background to develop and co-develop new consumer products, marketing and education strategies, and company structure to properly position Ubican to capitalize on emerging market trends and opportunities. Matt has a deep passion for CPG product and brand development particularly in the functional foods and all natural channels. It is there where Matt can use his intimate knowledge of biochemistry.

Anthony Aboudarham

Executive Vice-President
EU Operations

Anthony has extensive experience operating large scale business, including a 5-star hotel in Thailand where he managed over one hundred employees and hosted high level dignitaries, royalty and presidents such as Barack Obama. He also was the primary manager of large luxury cruise ships. Anthony has a degree in Business Management and exceptional managerial and operational skills, as well as far-reaching networks in the cannabis business all over the world.

Stephane Esseiva

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephane, a brand marketing entrepreneur, has helped start successful companies by providing support in marketing and design. After completing his degree in Media Development, Stef worked for three years for a large Swiss marketing company, managing clients such as Breitling, Omega and Renault.

Stef co-founded Swiss Harvest, a hemp cultivation company, managing marketing duties. He also co-founded Ubican Switzerland. Stef was involved in the development and design of many Ubican brands, such as Wemp, Earth to Jane, Holy Leaf, and 7NRG. He now manages marketing for all brands under Ubican Global.

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